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  • Collaboration between education and entrepreneurship challenges social issues


    Nowadays, we are witnessing the difficulties of solving social issues such as poverty, environmental pollution, terrorism, and so on. Although we understand there are various ways to solve these issues, we believe the power of collaboration between education and entrepreneurship. It is needless to discuss about the importance of education. At the same time, we can utilize entrepreneurship as driving force to change society. We believe on experience that collaboration between education and entrepreneurship can create the innovative way to solve these issues.


    To provide the space and opportunities to organically combine education with entrepreneurship.

    Who we are

    Future Lab is the affiliated organization of Siem Reap school of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia. Now founder member are launching this project, making it reality step by step.

  • Our Main activities

    Basic Education

    To continuously invent and disperse the education materials based on rule and principal focusing basic education, by theory construction and practice.

    Entrepreneur ship

    To cultivate entrepreneurship, exchange of entrepreneurs inside and outside Cambodia,


    To provide and create learning space such as seminars and workshops, sometimes inviting experts and practitioners.


    To play a role as an incubation for the issue of education, business and society.

  • Founder members

    Chief Manager

    Keara Phann

    • Founding Director of PUC-SR (Pannasastra University of Cambodia at Siem Reap)
    • Founder and Chapter President of Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia at Siem Reap
    • MBA ( Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia)
    • Teaching the following subjects; business management, leadership, personal growth at university.
    • Mission is to leverage the potential of Cambodian people through Education, Entrepreneurship, English, Reading habit, Basic IT.

    Shuji Matsuoka

    • Head of Japanese Language Department at PUC-SR
    • Educational Material Creator
    • Creating Educational Materials to improve the Primary educational environment in Cambodia.
    •  Spreading Educational Materials by Seminars and lectures mainly for teachers at local primary school and Teacher Training College
    • Presentation at International Conference (Cambodia and Myanmar)
    • Provide opportunities to exchange program with foreign students through Science Program
  • Enquiries

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  • Address

    Future Lab office at Siem Reap school of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

    Street 27 (near Wat Bo Road), Wat Bo Village, Sala Kamroeuk Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia